GreeNow Gets It

GreeNow understands the demands of your business, the needs of your clients and the increasing urgency for us all to contribute to the health of our planet. At a time when it is critically important to act responsibly, we need to do our part to work in a manner that is environmentally responsible. GreeNow is committed to setting a precedent for environmental best practices for the use of generators and heavy machinery used in the event and construction industry.

From our state of the art B100 (Pure Biodiesel) Generators to our comprehensive recycling program, we have what it takes to transform your events into bleeding edge, environmentally responsible happenings. The world is changing and we can help you keep ahead of the curve.

Founded by leading event producers, production designers and construction experts GreeNow combines an unrivalled understanding of the events production industry with strong business practices and a working philosophy that makes sense. We know that it’s not just about the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes with being environmentally responsible, it’s also about the need to run a profitable business. We get it. Green practices need be more than lip service. We have been there and we know exactly what you need to get the job done right.

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